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LPD is your go-to source for reliable, low-cost parts from the following manufacturers:

LPD Auburn Shielded Ignitors



Igniters | Shielded Igniters | Flame Rods | Feed Throughs | Liquid Level Sensors

LPD Champion Spark Plugs



Spark Plugs and more.

Crown ceramic igniter



Ceramic insulators and more.

LPD offers Isolantite small glazed bushings



Standoff Insulators | Suspension Insulators | Hollow Pair Lead-ins | Insulating Beads & Washers | Light Duty Standoff Insulators | Small Glazed Bushings | Transformer & Condenser Bushings | Transmitting Antenna Strain Insulators

LPD offers ZRC galvanizing repair compound



Cold Galvanizing Compount | Galvilite | 221 | Zero-VOC

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