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At LPD, we partner with top OEM and replacement parts manufacturers, including Auburn, Crown, and Champion, to secure the best prices on the best products. 



We believe better parts make for better solutions.

That’s why we source high-quality products from reputable manufacturers— and deliver them straight to your door.


Our customers are farmers, manufacturers, business owners, and production managers who know the difference between a second-class patch and a long-term solution. They value reliability, affordability, and integrity. So do we. 

When your critical heating, manufacturing, industrial, or agricultural components fail, our experienced team is always a call or email away. We’ll help you find the right parts at an affordable price, for suitable solutions you can count on.

LPD Auburn Shielded Ignitors



Igniters | Shielded Igniters | Flame Rods | Feed Throughs | Liquid Level Sensors

LPD Champion Spark Plugs



Spark Plugs and more.

Crown ceramic igniter



Ceramic insulators and more.

LPD offers Isolantite small glazed bushings



Standoff Insulators | Suspension Insulators | Hollow Pair Lead-ins | Insulating Beads & Washers | Light Duty Standoff Insulators | Small Glazed Bushings | Transformer & Condenser Bushings | Transmitting Antenna Strain Insulators

LPD offers ZRC galvanizing repair compound



Cold Galvanizing Compount | Galvilite | 221 | Zero-VOC

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